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For Parents of Pre-Adolescent Kids – Prepare Now!

So much of what I write about has to do with adolescent kids and how parents can take maximum advantage of this precious time. Along the way I’ve come to appreciate the huge advantage parents can gain if they prepare…


Girls and Make-Up – 5 Tips to Help Your Daughter Try It the Right Way

This guest post comes from Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, a parent coach who helps parents achieve dynamic parent/child relationships, ending the shame around parenting and giving parents the confidence to raise healthy children in today’s world. She is a leading parenting expert…


Dialogue – The Effective Alternative to Arguing

I learned to never disagree with my dad. For reasons I’ve never fully understood, the few times that I expressed a contrary point of view — when I was old enough to feel confident that I had something to say…


Erratic Teen Behavior – It’s Not a ‘Phase’ They Outgrow

Since the 1990’s, when Dr. Jay Giedd and his colleagues at the National Institute for Mental Health published their pioneering research about adolescent brain development, more than a dozen authors with different backgrounds have written about “the teen brain.” For…