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What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Brain – a Fun Introduction

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You see those beautiful eyes and that heart-melting smile. What you don’t see (and probably rarely think about) is your child’s brain, which is steadily growing, preparing itself for the challenges of adult life, and will continue to do so…

It’s a Jungle Out There – Raising Strong Kids

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We were excited. Bewick’s wrens had been building a nest in the little house we had put up to attract them. We watched for days as the male and female flew back and forth with nest material. It was a…

The Top 10 Fundamentals of Parenting (Part One)

| Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Parenting Blogs, Parenting Books, Parenting Videos, Programs, Self-Esteem, Strong for Parenting, Work | No Comments

When I was a kid there were no parenting books, unless you want to count Dr. Benjamin Spock’s classic on baby and child care. Parents were guided by their instincts, sense of responsibility, judgment, and family traditions. Today, parents still…

The Top 10 Fundamentals of Parenting (Part Two)

| Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Education, Fitness, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Personal Strength, Self-Esteem, Work | No Comments

Parenting Fundamentals 1-5 were presented in Part One. Here are 6-10: 6. Help your child build a strong work ethic. When I was 15 I mowed my aunt’s lawn with a borrowed motorless reel push mower in the middle of…