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‘Dating Smarts,’ by Amy Lang

| Adolescence, Parent-child Communication, Parenting Books, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Teen Success | No Comments

In the adult world, dating is like an audition. An acquaintance asks you out to dinner or an event, which will give you time together to learn more about each other. Will you enjoy each other’s company? Will you have…

Get Stronger for the Challenges in Your Life – Every Day

| Critical Thinking, Education, Encouragement, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Programs, Teen Success | No Comments

I know that not everyone wants to “be all you can be.” Not everyone is serious enough about personal growth to do something about it. A whole lot of people are happy with who they are, thank you very much,…

Strong Self-Esteem – The Antidote to Peer Pressure

| Adolescence, Alcohol, Drugs, Education, Encouragement, Parenting, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Teen Suicide, Work | No Comments

The topic of self-esteem has always been controversial. Many who have written about it say concern about self-esteem is over-rated or even irrelevant to child development. No doubt this is a reaction to the “self-esteem movement,” which has misunderstood how…

Talking about Sex with Your Teen

| Adolescence, Education, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Parenting Books, Peer Pressure, Teen Culture, Teen Sex | No Comments

One evening when I was 14, I was sitting on my bed reading a novel when my mom walked past my door. Then she came back, stood in the door, and asked me, “You know about sex, don’t you?” Her…