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Simon Sinek’s Insights for Parents

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Simon Sinek is an author and brilliant speaker who has important messages for corporate America. So why am I recommending that parents listen in? The answer: Millennials – a new, really different generation of entry-level workers that employers aren’t sure how to…

To Kill or Not to Kill – That Is the Question

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Parenting | No Comments

If you read news articles, you know that it’s not uncommon to read about murder. I learn about such incidents all too often; I reflect on the loss of life, how the killer’s life will be horribly changed forever, and…

The Girl in the Rain & the Value of Hard Work

| Adolescent Brain, Teen Success, Work | No Comments

I stood under the front entrance canopy of the H.E.B. grocery store as I watched cold rain pouring onto the parking lot. Slowly moving towards me was a young woman pushing a train of about fifteen shopping carts. Her head…

Get Real about Video Games and Excessive Screen Exposure

| Adolescent Brain, Education, Health & Nutrition, Parenting, Peer Pressure, Teen Culture | No Comments

I recently spoke with a mother of three boys, ages 11, 13 and 15. She told me she and her husband plan to give all three sons video game consoles for Christmas. Of course, they’ll win a lot of “best…