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10 Things Kids Need to Be Able to Do on Their Own by Middle School

The second 10 years of a child’s life is their last opportunity to prepare for the challenges of adult life. This guest post was written by Elisabeth Stitt, a parenting expert who focuses on middle school adolescent children. She is the…


From Good Dad to Great Dad – The Impact of Imminent Death

Remember the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in 2009? And the heroism of the pilot who kept his cool, saving everyone on board? Now, in 2016, Clint Eastwood has created a thought-provoking movie about this real-life hero, who was…

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Why and How Children Communicate

Abraham J. Weiss, MA. is a marriage and family therapist on the staff of Family Enhancement LLC, in New York City. In this brief article he shares a vastly important insight about the true nature of children. There is a…

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A Story of Family Love

My wife and I often go to Corpus Christi to visit her sister and husband. Since their son now has a young daughter and their oldest daughter has two daughters and a son, they’ve been thrilled to be grandparents. There’s…