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Amazing New System Empowers Kids with ADD/ADHD

| Education, Health & Nutrition, Mentoring, Parenting, Programs, Self-Esteem, Teen Success | No Comments

I recently spoke with Rich Schramm, developer of a remarkable new technology for families with kids who need help focusing and completing tasks. Called I Got This, it’s a virtual “personal assistant” that uses a smartphone to help a child…

Father to Son – What It Means to Be a Man

| Inspiring Quotes, Parent-child Communication, Personal Strength, Teen Success | No Comments

Once upon a time when my youngest boy was about 18 years old, we were walking together and he asked me, “Dad, what does masculinity mean to you?” A loaded question. I sensed that he was aware that he was…

video game addiction

Video Game Addiction & Child Development

| Drugs, Education, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Teen Success | No Comments

How could viewing over 25 paintings by early San Antonio artist Julian Onderdonk make me think of video game addiction? It happened. The San Antonio Museum of Art recently featured the collection of Onderdonk, an American impressionist painter who died in…

Warning Signs – Teen Drug/Alcohol Use

| Adolescence, Alcohol, Drugs, Parenting, Parenting Blogs, Teen Culture | No Comments

The surveys and statistics bear it out: teens are misusing drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages. Parents are often unaware that it’s begun, since the warning signs can take time to appear. The physical, emotional and behavioral changes…