Strong Self-Esteem – The Antidote to Peer Pressure

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The topic of self-esteem has always been controversial. Many who have written about it say concern about self-esteem is over-rated or even irrelevant to child development. No doubt this is a reaction to the “self-esteem movement,” which has misunderstood how…

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Intellectually Powerful Minds Are Developed, Not Inherited – 5 Things Parents Can Do

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In a separate post, I quoted Dr. Jay Giedd, the pioneering brain researcher who discovered that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is still under development during a child’s adolescence, that this is the “smart” area of the brain, and that wiring the…

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So You Want Your Child to Be Resilient…

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The place to start is to get clear about what resilience is. Here’s a non-scientific definition: The ability to recover or “bounce back” from loss, stress, or disappointment – setbacks that can cause someone to doubt his or her self-confidence and self-esteem,…

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Constructing a Child’s Intellectual Foundation – What Parents Can Do

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I’ve posted before about the importance of critical thinking and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young person to lay down a foundation of critical thinking skills in the developing prefrontal cortex – what I often refer to as “the smart part”…

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What Can Parents Do to Help Their Child Become One of the Smart Ones?

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During the first few months of life, parents show lots of colorful, noise-making objects to their infant. Slowly, the baby learns to pay attention. The child is doing the work to program the neural pathways for sight. During the first year of life, parents…

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