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Strong Self-Esteem – The Antidote to Peer Pressure

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The topic of self-esteem has always been controversial. Many who have written about it say concern about self-esteem is over-rated or even irrelevant to child development. No doubt this is a reaction to the “self-esteem movement,” which has misunderstood how…

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Erratic Teen Behavior – It’s Not a ‘Phase’ They Outgrow

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Since the 1990’s, when Dr. Jay Giedd and his colleagues at the National Institute for Mental Health published their pioneering research about adolescent brain development, more than a dozen authors with different backgrounds have written about “the teen brain.” For…

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Intellectually Powerful Minds Are Developed, Not Inherited – 5 Things Parents Can Do

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In a separate post, I quoted Dr. Jay Giedd, the pioneering brain researcher who discovered that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is still under development during a child’s adolescence, that this is the “smart” area of the brain, and that wiring the…

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Constructing a Child’s Intellectual Foundation – What Parents Can Do

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I’ve posted before about the importance of critical thinking and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young person to lay down a foundation of critical thinking skills in the developing prefrontal cortex – what I often refer to as “the smart part”…

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Are Young People Preparing for the Realities of Adult Life?

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Studying well in school is important. Those 12 years – and university – are important. But along the way, a young person needs to learn many non-academic skills and strengths that are vital for relationships and a career. While some of this can…

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New Book Reveals the Damaging Effects of Excessive Screen Time – Reset Your Child’s Brain, by Victoria Dunckley, MD

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One crucial step in helping your adolescent child build a superior mind is to protect the prefrontal cortex (PFC) from damage during adolescence – the developmental period for wiring the foundation for critical thinking. To this end, I’ve written a…

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