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YouTube is a universe of videos on every conceivable topic, including parenting. This page lists videos I believe will be especially valuable to parents of teens. A recommendation: after watching a video, check the links on the right of that YouTube page for videos by the same expert or other videos on the same or similar topics.


TECHNOLOGY Anderson Cooper/CNN “Being Thirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens” (42:55)
TEEN BRAIN Angela Searcy “The Teenage Brain for Parents and Professionals” (7:41)
PARENTING Simon Sinek “Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace (15:00)
TECHNOLOGY Gavin McLure “Crazy effects of screen time on your brain” (4:13)
TECHNOLOGY PBS News “The drug-like effect of screen time on the teenage brain” (7:31)
TECHNOLOGY wafflepwn “Freak Out” Cautionary incident related to violent video game addiction – shocking meltdown (2:06)
COMMUNICATION Joe Bruzzese “Parent and Teen Conversations – Getting Beyond the Grunt” (2:18)
ALCOHOL Missouri Safe and Sober “Alcohol’s Effect on Teenage Brain” (1:45)
ALCOHOL DrinkWise Australia “Impact of Binge Drinking on Teen Brain Development” (1:11)
TEEN BRAIN NIMH “Development of the Young Brain” (4:50)
ACTIVITIES Peyton Manning  “Sports Advice for Parents” (2:47)
VIDEO GAMES Samantha Moe “My Child Feels Entitled to Video Games” (6:28)
COMMUNICATION Strong for Parenting “The Miracle Skill for Parent-Child Communication” (1:49)
ACTIVITIES Jim Bucci “Sports: Before You Give Advice, Ask Your Kids if They Want It ” (1:52)
PARENTING Strong for Parenting “The Conscious Parent” (1:57)
SKILL LEARNING Josh Kaufman “20 Hours to Learning Anything” (3:00)
COMMUNICATION Amy Speidel “Ask Questions Instead of Offering Solutions” (2:42)
ALCOHOL AND DRUGS World Science Festival “The Teenage Brain Is Primed for Addiction” (2:21)
PARENTING Leah Davies  “Thoughts on Parenting” (6:15)
TEEN SEX Cath Hackanson “Teenage Son Doesn’t Want to Talk about Sex” (3:54)
TEEN BRAIN Laci Green “The Teen Brain: Under Construction” (2:55)
SEXUAL CONSENT Steve Raffner “The UK Explained Consent in the Most British Way Possible” (3:01)
EMPATHY Chris Adkins “Empathy 101: Articulate Others’ Feelings” (2:49)
TEEN SEX Steve Harvey “What Boys Think about Teenage Sex” (2:00)
TEEN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Anita Collins “How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain” (4:44)
WORK Tim Elmore Why Kids Need Work, Not Just a Job” (4:45)
EMOTIONS M-L Health Unit “Teen Emotional Development” (2:21)
RAISING GIRLS Dr. Michael Gurian “The Wonder of Girls” (34:24)
TEEN BRAIN Daniel Siegel “Brain Hand Model” (5:03)
COMMUNICATION Kristine Tye “The Parent-Teen Argument Antidote” (2:48)
TEEN SUCCESS Carol Dweck “The Power of Believing You Can Improve” (10:24)
SOCIAL SKILLS Ruth Shepersky  “How to Get Shy Children to Be More Sociable” (2:35)
RELATIONSHIPS Girls Leadership  “The Myth of the BFF” (2:31)
TEEN BRAIN M-L Health Unit  “Teen Brain Development” (3:01)
COMMUNICATION Mercedes Samudio “Learning Your Family’s Love Language” (7:54)
SCREEN TIME  Victoria Dunckley, MD “Reset Your Child’s Brain” (3:40)
SEX Julian Redwood “Porn! Are Your Kids Protected?” (2:37)
BULLYING  KidsInTheHouse “End Bullying” (2:37)
COMMUNICATION Mercedes Samudio “Getting Your Tween to Talk to You” (6:08)
PARENTING Amy Speidel “When You Make a Mistake, Accept It with Grace” (3:16)
PRIVACY Deborah Gilboa “Should You Snoop on Your Child?” (1:11)
BOYS Michael Gurian “How to Get Boys Reading More” (14:36)
EMOTIONS Hal Runkel “Scream-Free Parenting” (6:49)
BOYS Matt Binz  “Raising Boys vs. Raising Men” (6:41)
TEENAGERS Meg VonFeldt “Ten Things that Parents Should Know about Teenagers” (3:41)
SOCIAL MEDIA Yalda Uhls “Everything Parents Need to Know about Texting” (2:11)
CONFIDENCE Kristine Tye “Is Your Student Confident and Competent?” (2:15)
EDUCATION Mobilis Mobili “Boys in Crisis” (4:40)
EDUCATION Prager University “War on Boys” (5:37)
PREPARING FOR LIFE Tim Elmore “Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” (3:47)
DATING Deborah Gilboa “What if I Hate My Teen’s Partner?” (2:11)
TEEN BRAIN Sheryl Olson “Teenager Thinking” (1:37)
COMMUNICATION Betsy Brown Braun “How to Get Your Child to Talk to You” (1:18)
DEPRESSION/SUICIDE Marushka Mujic “Preventing Teen Depression and Suicide through Community Involvement”  (1:00)
COMMUNICATION Jennifer Kolari “How to Talk to Your Child – Mirroring”  (1:58)
RELATIONSHIPS Ric Elias “3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed”  (7:42)
ALCOHOL Sydney Garrett “Alcohol and the Teenage Brain”  (1:38)
FOCUSING Robyn Silverman “How to Help a Child Focus” (3:39)
COMMUNICATION John Gray “Communicating Effectively with Your Teenager” (2:31)
MEDIA SCREEN TIME Jane Healy “Why It Is Important to Set Limits on Media for Kids” (2:34)
PARENT-CHILD COMMUNICATION Laura Markham “How to Stop the Cycle of Yelling in Your Family” (1:59)
MONEY Lee Hausner “How to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility” (1:59)
Strong for Parenting “What Children Need from Us” (3:27)
Vicki Hoefle
FREEDOM Michelle Icard “How Much Freedom Should You Give Your Tween?” (1:10)
TEEN DRIVING SaferDrivingForTeens.org
BEHAVIOR CHANGE Sarah Newton “How to Get a Teen to Start/Stop Doing Something” (3:02)
PRAISE Carol Dweck “A Study on Praise” (4:51)
LEARNING FROM MISTAKES Strong for Parenting “The 5 Magic Questions”
COMMUNICATION Parenting Your Teenager “Communication with Teenagers” (4:10)
TEMPER Sarah Newton “When Your Child Swears, Screams, Shouts” (2:42)
ASSERTIVENESS Vikki Carrel “5 Phrases for Becoming Assertive” (7:37)
ADULT KIDS AT HOME Larry Winget “Adult Kids Who Live at Home” (3:45)
TEEN MONEY Channel 12 “Teen’s Successful eBay Business” (2:12)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION Roger Frame “Successfully Resolve Conflict” (1:32)
SELF-DISCIPLINE David Walsh “Self-Discipline” (2:28)
TEEN SLEEP Lisa Bunnage “Teenagers Need Sleep” (4:26)
BODY IMAGE Doctor G “3 Ways to Overcome the Media Messages” (1:45)
ALCOHOL Connect with Kids “Binge Drinking Effects That Last a Lifetime” (1:43)
LISTENING Howcast “How to Be a Good Listener” (1:38)
PARENTING TEENS DavidBrownTV “Things Teens Wish Parents Knew” (3:00)
DISCIPLINE Craig Childress “How to Discipline a Teenage Child” (2:48)
TEEN BRAIN Strong for Parenting “Give Your Teen a Superior Mind” (1:50)